Progressionand Development

Providing fullfilling careers and development opportunities for our team

Shorts kept the promises they made when I joined, providing me with the opportunity to progress my career and become an Adviser.

Ryan Qualters, Senior Financial Adviser

We are really proud of our record of team development and have supported many individuals with their progression within the firm.

We make sure that our team have the time to focus on their own career development, because we understand that when people are busy working on day-to-day client deadlines, focusing on their personal development could otherwise be easily be overlooked.


Progression - our team in their own words

Sarah Whitehead

I joined Shorts in 2016 as a research analyst and was promoted to Operations Manager in the Autumn of 2022.

To help me efficiently transition into a more managerial role, I have been attending regular coaching sessions with our Finance and Operations Director and I am also one of several 'up and coming individuals', selected to take part in the Learning and Development programme.

The position of Operations Manager was a completely new role within Shorts, so the full extent of my responsibilities continues to evolve - and we work through this as a team. I have truly appreciated the continual support of the Partners, throughout the transition period. Simon Hollin and Chris Chambers have been brilliant with me.

What do I particularly enjoy about working in Shorts? It's probably the relaxed family feel – it’s like everyone's friends. The team is very important.

Sarah's team profile

Lauren Crampton

This was my first job after leaving sixth form. I was originally an apprentice but I am now a full-time member of the adviser support team.

I was expecting it to be really scary, joining a professional firm straight from school with no experience, but the team are so nice, they made me feel so comfortable and introduced me to others at Shorts of a similar age to me, and within a month I'd settled in well.

Despite disruptions caused through the Covid period, I completed my Apprenticeship in December 2020 and I am now looking into further training within the industry. I would like to complete the RO1 exams and then maybe look to paraplanning etc. There are loads of different routes to consider.

What do I particularly enjoy about working at Shorts? - We're a friendly team, it's a nice atmosphere and I enjoy the social aspects of working here. I'm now involved in the socials team, organising regular and quarterly events which I really enjoy.

Lauren's team profile

Natalia Piddubriwnyj

Having previous experience as a paraplanner, I joined Shorts in 2006 as one of their first researchers supporting the growing team. As the sole researcher, I initially introduced reports and templates and then gradually as the team began to grow and more people joined, I was able to provide training and support where necessary. My role has since developed to that of a Research Manager with a team of Research Analysts, managing the workflow, providing training and supporting the advisers.

Before joining Shorts, I'd completed the financial planning certificate and since then completed further studies.

I took the decision to put further study on hold whilst raising a young family. Shorts have always supported me with my decisions and I know that when I wish to take up my studies again, they will be here to provide encouragement.

Natalia's team profile

Supporting our clients - living our lives

Focus on our team

We’ve created an environment where our team feel supported, developed and happy; a blend of interesting and challenging work, with time to contribute their own ideas, concentrate on personal development whilst ensuring a healthy life balance, both in and out of work.

When you work for Shorts, you can expect everything that you would normally expect when working within a progressive organisation, and lots more besides

We look after our clients really well, but we also look after our team, because their welfare and development are equally important.

When not at work, how we spend our time is extremely valuable for everyone, and it was with that in mind, that our zero overtime policy was created. Fundamentally, we do not expect any of our team to work more than their basic weekly hours.

Although often seen as quite unique within the industry, we monitor the average overtime per employee to ensure we remain on track.

Core hours and zero overtime policies mean that our team gets to manage their time better – both in and out of the office.

Our team regularly takes part in local and national fundraising events and everyone has the opportunity to take part in one volunteering day each year

There are opportunities to take part in

  • Sporting events, tournaments, and challenges
  • Cake sales
  • Christmas events
  • Local charity collections

We’re always open to talking to great people. If you feel that Shorts would be a great fit for your next career move, then why not send us your contact details? If you’d prefer to send us your CV, you can add that too (We prefer to receive blind CVs where possible)