Jamie Dennis

Our trusted family adviser since 1969.

Jamie Dennis, Managing Director of Industrial Ancilliaries

Shorts have been advising our family since 1969, providing personal and corporate advice.  Throughout, they have been a valued member of our wider management team, offering well-considered strategic advice as well as helping us with accounting and taxation matters.  Simon Hollin is the partner who looks after our pension, protection and investment requirements.  We’ve always been extremely satisfied with the advice we have received and the level of service provided.


  • Pension planning
  • Keyman insurance
  • Relevant life policies
  • Wills advice
  • Group personal pension scheme
  • Auto enrolment
COVID-19 - BUSINESS AS USUAL (WELL ALMOST!)The need for good financial advice has not gone away and we have worked hard to ensure that we can continue to provide advice during this period. Our team are now working safely from home but with video, email and telephone communication, we will continue to provide the usual high standards of service to our existing clients – as well as welcoming new enquiries. Clients may contact us through reception, email or mobile phones. If you are looking for financial advice please use the “contact” link on our website or telephone 01246 559955 or email simon@shorts.uk.com