Healthylife balance

Hybrid working, core hours and zero overtime policies mean that our team have the opportunity to manage their time better - both in and out of the office.

Having the flexibility to work around everything at home, and yet still fulfil my role completely just helps life – unbelievably.

Dean Jones

We provide clients with a premium service – but we do this without compromising our principles. We’re really passionate about that.

We have won many awards for the work that we do for our clients, but we are also immensely proud to be named Best Employer in Tax at the Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2022 and Employer of the Year at the 2023 Yorkshire Accountancy Awards. So whilst looking after our clients well, we also know that we are looking after our team.

Because personal time is valuable for every team member at all levels and is fundamentally important to personal well-being, we do not expect any of our team to work more than the basic weekly hours. And we do monitor this, with

  • HR Dashboards which report on overtime statistics.
  • management lead by example and do not work overtime
  • partners ensure nobody is feeling under pressure to stay late
  • conversations will be held with anyone posting overtime to discuss the situation and determine whether workload can be reallocated etc.

Tolley's taxation award winner    Tolley's taxation award winner

Our experiences - in our own words

Ryan Qualters

I'll sometimes start work earlier because we're up early with the kids anyway, or sometimes I'll start a bit later if I go to the gym. So, the core hours allow me to fit different things into my day, whilst still getting the hours in at work.

Fundamentally, I can make sure that 99% of the time, I'm always home in time to read to my children at their bedtime.

The work life balance is a huge thing for me, meaning I can go to their parents evenings, the concerts etc, and I don't miss them growing up. That's always been my priority.

But I can also look after my own health and wellbeing. I like going to the gym, and the flexibility means I can actually fit this into my day. If I only had the evenings available after work, then I probably wouldn't manage to go.

Ryan's team profile

Dean Jones

From a logistical sense, flexible working with the core hours policy, is so important to me. I've got three kids, so I am very often a taxi driver for every aspect of their life. And so being able to work from home two days a week, means I can take them to their swimming and various clubs etc.

Using the core hours, I often start early and then finish early, so I can again take people to places they need to be. Having the flexibility to work around everything at home, and yet still fulfil my role completely just helps life - unbelievably so!

I usually stay fairly static with my lunchtime, but it's good to know that when I need to be somewhere, that can be pushed back an hour or brought forward.

So really, it's the flexibility here which is something that I treasure.

Dean's team profile

Natalia Piddubriwnyj

The flexibility at Shorts is great, especially when you have young children. I wish I could have had that when my children were small, and my life would have been a lot easier.

I can drop my son at school, then go into the office to work.  Then I can pick him up because his dad doesn't have that flexibility, and then come home and still work from there.

I want to work full-time. So without the core hours flexibility, I don't know what I would do. This gives you the opportunity to make it all work.

It's so good, it just makes life so much easier.

Natalia's team profile

Supporting our clients - living our lives

Focus on our team

We’ve created an environment where our team feel supported, developed and happy; a blend of interesting and challenging work, with time to contribute their own ideas, concentrate on personal development whilst ensuring a healthy life balance, both in and out of work.

When you work for Shorts, you can expect everything that you would normally expect when working within a progressive organisation, and lots more besides

We are really proud of our record of team development and have supported many individuals with their progression within the firm.

We understand that when people are busy, working on day-to-day client deadlines, focusing on personal development can sometimes be overlooked.  So, we ensure that our team has the time to focus on their own career development too.

Our team regularly takes part in local and national fundraising events and everyone has the opportunity to take part in one volunteering day each year

There are opportunities to take part in

  • Sporting events, tournaments, and challenges
  • Cake sales
  • Christmas events
  • Local charity collections

We’re always open to talking to great people. If you feel that Shorts would be a great fit for your next career move, then why not send us your contact details? If you’d prefer to send us your CV, you can add that too (We prefer to receive blind CVs where possible)