Gurpreet KaurResearch Analyst

Ensuring accurate and timely information for each assignment.

  • 30% Family
  • 20% Football
  • 20% Foodie/cooking
  • 15% Holidays
  • 10% Music Concerts/Movies
  • 5% Socialising


  • Over 15 years’ experience in financial services
  • Working towards my Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning

I have worked within financial services for over 15 years having previously worked in sales.
I initially started in the industry managing appointments for advisers which later lead to the role of administrator and now I am one of a team of research analysts.

I joined Shorts in 2016 having worked for a small financial adviser’s firm in South Yorkshire. Through working at Shorts, I have developed my comprehension of pensions and gained knowledge and experience dealing with various investments.

My role involves working closely with advisers to conduct research in respect of clients existing or future pensions and investments. The research helps assist advisers in ensuring clients’ circumstances and requirements are being appropriately deliberated within the advice that our advisers provide.


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