LottieDirector of stress management

Focussed on ensuring she stays as close to people as she possibly can.

  • 35% Walkies
  • 35% Snoozes
  • 18% Attention lover
  • 12% Treat Hunter


  • Significant experience at sniffing around and making friends with people
  • Extensive experience of sitting next to ankles for fussing
  • A proven track record for stress management
  • Can jump really high when a treat is on offer

I live with the Hollin family and I love the days when I am able to spend time catching up with all my friends in the Shorts office.

I pride myself on being a real team player and have extensive experience sitting on peoples’ toes, sniffing out any unwanted snacks, as well as snoozing quietly whenever possible.  I love being able to say hello to everyone in the office.  My focus at Shorts is primarily to help improve team morale by being available for strokes/occasional cuddles.

When I’m not busy working, I like sniffing around the office bins and looking cute.

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