Working atShorts

Providing our clients with a quality service.
Ensuring that our team are happy, healthy and enjoy their work.

The working environment is what I like the most. It's a nice place to work, and everyone's on the same page.

Dean Jones, Research Analyst

We want every member of our team to feel supported, developed, and happy. So, we provide

  • the time for everyone to contribute ideas,
  • time for personal development, and
  • a healthy life balance, allowing flexibility for individual preferences.

Our team enjoys all the key benefits you expect with much more besides, and we are proud of our relaxed and inclusive culture which stands out as different.  Yes – we know that other firms make similar claims, but at Shorts, we really do believe that it’s true.

We are providing a premium service for our clients – but we make sure that we do this without compromising our principles. Shorts is an award-winning firm, but alongside the many awards that we’ve won for the work we do for our clients, we are immensely proud that the work we have done to support our team has also been recognised, being named Best Employer in Tax at the Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2022. So we know, that whilst we look after our clients well, we are also looking after our team; their welfare and development being equally as important.

Our Values and Culture

Working at Shorts

Find out what working at Shorts is really like. We asked our team to talk about their experiences, about the work they do, the clients they work with and the impact that the core hours, flexible lunches and zero overtime have on their lives.

Our values

Rob Brown is a best-selling author and podcast Influencer. Rob recently spoke in-depth with Andy Irvine and explored the values at Shorts and why listening and responding to team feedback, are such important parts of our culture.

Supporting our clients - living our lives

Focus on our team

When you work for Shorts, you can expect everything that you would normally expect when working within a progressive organisation, and lots more besides

We look after our clients really well, but we also look after our team, because their welfare and development are equally important.

When not at work, how we spend our time is extremely valuable for everyone, and it was with that in mind, that our zero overtime policy was created. Fundamentally, we do not expect any of our team to work more than their basic weekly hours.

Although often seen as quite unique within the industry, we monitor the average overtime per employee to ensure we remain on track.

Core hours and zero overtime policies mean that our team gets to manage their time better – both in and out of the office.

We are really proud of our record of team development and have supported many individuals with their progression within the firm.

We understand that when people are busy, working on day-to-day client deadlines, focusing on personal development can sometimes be overlooked.  So, we ensure that our team has the time to focus on their own career development too.

Our team regularly takes part in local and national fundraising events and everyone has the opportunity to take part in one volunteering day each year

There are opportunities to take part in

  • Sporting events, tournaments, and challenges
  • Cake sales
  • Christmas events
  • Local charity collections

We’re always open to talking to great people. If you feel that Shorts would be a great fit for your next career move, then why not send us your contact details? If you’d prefer to send us your CV, you can add that too (We prefer to receive blind CVs where possible)